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This is most powerful meditation pointer I have ever came across. It is like guiding Light. It was published online by Lama Surya Das and in his brilliant book “The mind is Mightier Than The Sword” Below meditation pointer with  comment by Lama Surya Das;

Swooping Down from Above

I’d like to read something by the Third Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje, whose name means the self-existent diamond. This Karmapa was a Dzogchen master. He was the Dharma brother of Longchenpa, the enlightened fourteenth century Dzogchen patriarch. This is a very important pith-instruction from the secret, oral pith-instruction lineage of the Mahamudra and Dzogchen tradition. It’s called The Single Word of Heart-Advice.

The Single Word of Heart-Advice

Homage to all the sacred masters.

The heart-mind of all the Buddhas of the past, the present, and the future, widely renowned as Dharmakaya, as Mahamudra, as enlightened mind, is precisely your own mind, which thinks of this and that.

What kind of Buddhist teaching is this? Even with all the poisons and everything, today’s mind is inseparable from Buddha Mind? This is what the Karmapa says; and, as you all know, the Karmapa is the big boss, so it must be true. (Just joking!) But let’s find out for ourselves if it is true. It’s possible.

The Karmapa says that the essential nature of your own mind, which thinks of this and that, is the Buddha Mind, is Dharmakaya, absolute truth, Mahamudra, Dzogchen. All the phenomena of Samsara and Nirvana appear within this unique awareness, your awareness. Samsara is not downtown somewhere, while Nirvana is uptown, or on the other shore. Karmapa says all the phenomena of Samsara and Nirvana fit within this unique awareness. This unique innate awareness is the heart-essence of all the sutra teachings, the tantra teachings, and all the commentaries and pith-instructions.

Yet, when you apply it in practice, there is nothing whatsoever to be meditated upon. It is an empty, luminous, spacious, unobstructed void.

Simply allow this unique awareness to rest vividly awake and present in its natural way.

This is Karmapa’s teaching. That’s what you have to do. There’s nothing to meditate on. Just allow awareness to rest totally present and awake. That’s why it’s called mirror-like awareness, sky-like awareness. Not doing anything. Everything happens as if in that sky-like mirror of mind. The sky and the mirror don’t do anything of their own volition, but simply accommodate transitory reflection, without essentially changing.

You don’t need to worry or think, “Is this really it? Could this be Mahamudra?” Don’t bother yourself with these doubts and questions. Don’t hope for improvement or be afraid of degeneration.

How can we progress and develop spiritually if we don’t hope for improvement? What kind of Dharma path is this? Karmapa says don’t hope for improvement and don’t fear going down. Don’t chase such transient concepts, like improvement and degeneration. Just rest nakedly at home in this vividly awake present awareness. Relax loosely and rest. Beside this, you don’t need anything to meditate on. So let that be the object of your meditation, of non-meditation. The non-meditation called sustaining present wakefulness.

By practicing in this extraordinarily simple way, again and again, you will definitely recognize the groundless, rootless open essence of all thoughts, appearances, and phenomena. When that happens, realization blooms naturally. All attachments, all habitual patterns, all conditioning is spontaneously liberated and released in this blossoming of realization.

This is called Buddhahood. This is what is meant when it says, “One moment makes all the difference. One moment of total awareness is one moment of perfect freedom and enlightenment.”

That’s why this practice is so profound. One moment is enough. One eternal instant. You don’t have to build it up like an investment program, until it ripens. One moment includes it all. One moment makes all the difference. Why not this moment? What are we waiting for?

I swear there is not a more profound and ultimate instruction from all the holy and realized masters of the enlightened lineage that is more profound and more vital than this single word of my heart-advice. Please don’t waste this. Don’t squander it. Remember this teaching always. There is no mistake in it. Rely on the blessings of such a teaching, rather than on the blessings of others.

This was written by Karmapa Rangjung Dorje in the Yangon Hermitage. May all beings be happy. Sarva mangalam.

What, then, does this mean, that one moment makes all the difference? One moment of perfect awareness-pristine, primordial being-is one moment of freedom and enlightenment. Karmapa says that is called Buddhahood. Some people say you can’t become a Buddha if you’re a woman. Some people say you can only become an arhat. Some people say you can’t become a Buddha without developing through the ten bhumis (Bodhisattva levels) for three endless eons. Some people say all kinds of things, but the practice lineage teachers say we are all Buddhas by nature. We only have to awaken to that. And that happens in the present moment, through total awareness, through a total moment of illuminated presence. We are far more Buddha-like that we think.”

Full  text   in a book  mentioned.

Zen Meditation

Comments by Jackson Peterson about zazen: Many people or perhaps most don’t understand the purpose of Zen sitting meditation or zazen. One is told to sit with a correct posture, spine straight, slight tension at the back of the neck by pulling the chin in and pushing the fontanel directly upwards. One is also told to put their concentration at a point a few inches below their navel.

These instructions are being taught for yogic reasons. When one takes this position correctly one’s inner energy as chi or prana, begins to move to the energy center just below the navel. As the chi gathers there it will overflow at some point and will travel down towards the bottom of the spine. As one continues in the correct posture the chi will then start to move up the inner energy channel along the spine. As it moves up it often meets resistance at the top of the neck where spine enters the brain. By having the chin pulled in slightly and fontanel pushed upwards, the pathway at the back of the neck and skull will be opened for the chi to flow into the crown.

When the chi flows into the brain and crown a powerful transformation in consciousness will occur. First dualistic ego-consciousness will vanish. Breathing will become barely noticeable and may cease for a time. Next, the clear light nature of mind will dawn along with profound realizations of emptiness. One will know automatically the meaning of “emptiness is form and form is emptiness”. Self will be known to be empty as well as one’s body, and the universe will be appear transparently empty like a vast hologram floating in space, a space that is lucid and self-aware. The state is beyond concepts and words to describe. One should remain free of all conceptualizing after the meditation session without any effort to frame the experience in any kind of rational context. Then one shares the experience with their mentor who may offer further guidance.

This is the method the Buddha used to realize his enlightenment. One need not study one word of Buddhist philosophy in order to have success, and perhaps the less you know the better. This is the tradition and method that has been handed down since the time of the Buddha “



new member of family, 7 weeks old puppy, 3/4 Chihuahua, and bit Pomeranian, so playful, sweet soft personality

Becoming transparent no shade of future or past
I have no past , I have no future

Game of Poker

Poker is social game of incomplete information,played by imperfect people who try to  guess blanks.

Yesterday watched “Sword of Desperation “One of best samurai moves ever.

No doubt that move will make my list of 20 best samurai moves.  “Twilight Samurai” and ” Harakiri” still on the top of list. Soon will publish the list. Took me 2 years of researching ,getting them  and watching. Lot of joy on the way.